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Product Research

“Show Me The Money”
filter up to 100,000 vendor items
to know what items will make you money today.

Convert up to 100,000 Vendor items

(by ASIN, UPC, EAN, and by Vendor, Cost, etc.)

  Manually enter a few items at a time, or upload our template and run up to 100,000 items. 

 We will return all allowable fields, right to your inbox.

 Just load, grab a muffin or cup of joe, and we’ll do the rest. Having trouble with a file? We can fix any of your mistakes and upload it for you, right in your account.

  We’ll even help you not make the mistake again.
Now that is a partner for success :)

 Filter and Sort on anything that helps you buy better.

Know Your Market and Competitors

 (FBA, FBM, Buy Box, Profit, ROI, and more…)

 Want to know how many sellers there are (too many, and profits can dwindle) on an item?
We can show you the number of sellers for both FBA and FBM. You choose which makes sense for you.

 Want to know which items will make the most?
Just filter on the Profit column, ROI column, and quickly see what items will return the best bang for your buck.

 Want to know how an item does over time? We do too! That’s why we allow you to track an items Price Change and Sales Rank over time, up to 30 days for every item.

Find Fast Sellers Fast

 Want to see any item under a certain Sales Rank and a certain Profit? We all do – just filter that field and quickly see the items you should spend your time reviewing.

 Want to find hidden gems? Look for items with low rankings to see if the market has overlooked the item.

 Want to Re-Run a list before you submit your Purchase Order to your vendor? Good idea.

  Just load those items into the system, or rerun that Vendors file again just to make sure nothing drastic has happened (like 50 people deciding to sell the same item…)

Stock Analyzer

Where’s my FBA Inventory:
Do you hate not knowing where your FBA inventory is? Is it Inbound, being processed, transferring between fulfillment centers, being pulled for FBA orders, or is it available for sale?

Sellable Inventory

 We take all the guesswork out of where your FBA Inventory is, and if it’s ready to sell.

 We show you all your Sellable Inventory, Inbound Quantity, FC Transfers, FC Processing, Total Customer Orders, Unsellable Items, and, of course, your Total Inventory.

Inactive Items

Oh no, I ran out of a great seller. How did this happen, and how do I quickly know what to send in.

Don’t worry, you can quickly see what items are out, and then you can send in more. It’s that easy.

Reorder Recommendations

(for low and out of stock items)

Not sure how much to send in or re-order from your vendor? Let our system take the guesswork out.

Based upon Velocity, we give the recommended re-order of your items to ensure you don’t run out again.


Know thy Competitor and Prosper:
Do you have items that have a bunch of competitors and then none, or just a couple? That’s a real opportunity. With the crazy repricing companies out there, you don’t always have your pricing adjusted up to your maximum, especially if there is only 1 or 2 other competitors who might match your price if you go up.


FBA Competitors

(4 or fewer)

Show all your active items that have 4 or fewer FBA competitors. Then, you can decide if you want to increase the price.


FBM Competitors

(4 or fewer)

Show all your active items that have 4 or fewer FBM competitors. Then, you can decide if you want to increase the price.

Filter on the Right number for you

Not sure which number of competitors you should zero in on? Don’t worry, you can filter the competitors.

Inventory Health

Health Matters Most:
Do you dreed the email from Amazon that says your selling privileges have been revoked? Your heart isn’t the only thing that you need to keep healthy. Your Amazon health is extremely important, but how do you keep it that way? We’re glad you asked.

Inventory Ageing

Yikes, my inventory is getting old, and Amazon is about to charge me a fortune. How did I get there you ask? Because you couldn’t quickly see how old your inventory is.

We break it down for you, which allows you to review the listing, make changes, or advertise. We show: 0-90 days, 91-180 days, 181-270 days, 271-365 days, and 365+ days. Now, you can be aware as your inventory changes in the ageing process, so you don’t get surprised.


NCX Predictors

Not sure how your item gets suspended or suppressed? Not sure how a Voice of the Customer® affects your listing?

We predict if for you, based upon live Amazon feedback from the customer. We help you to predict before the problem arises. Easy to use.

Feedback Manager

Why is my seller rating going down, and how do I know without navigating?
Just click our Feedback Manager and all your negative feedback with notes is available.
Coming Soon: manage your feedback straight from our consul. Look for it winter of 2019

Customer Returns

Want to keep an eye on what items are being returned and why? With us, you can view your last 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and 90 days.
Look for trends in returns, and why. Was the item damaged by Amazon, the customer. If so, you have the information needed for a Reimbursement.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Prepaper:
There’re only 2 certainties in life: death and taxes, and if you don’t get the later right, you may end up the former… Well, maybe not, but if you mess up your taxes, it may take a few years off your life. Let us help.


Search by Date

Do the states you are registered in require different frequencies, or filing based upon sales?
No problem, just adjust your dates and have our system bring in the results for that state.

Search By State

Easily select the right state for your return, and select the dates, wait a minute, and voila, you're ready to file.

Export For Payment

We love simplicity, and the best method is usually the one that isn’t complicated. Need your information in an excel or csv format?

Not a problem, just select your dates, state and hit the button that says Export. We like simple too!

Sales Analytics

Do you want to know what items are selling
and what the total value of those items are? We provide it all.

Find items that have started to sell fast, and items that are slowing down. We provide:

Sales By Period

(1, 7, 30, 90 Days)

How are your sales stacking up over time. Quickly see your sales over time.

Going up, going down, staying constant. Drill down to quickly see what is selling for each time period.

Sales For Top Items By Period

(1, 7, 30, 90 Days)

The old 80/20 rule may be true for your items. 80% of sales are by 20% of your listings.

Quickly see what items are the top sellers by period (Top 20, 30, 50, 100).

Top Sales By Value

Want to focus on the total dollar value? Quickly see the top items by value for each period.

This feature is “Coming Soon” to your account consul.


Spend less, sell more, avoid getting ripped off.
Sounds good, sign me up. We all hate to overspend on advertising, but how do you do it, and why do you need to waste 50% of your advertising spend like the experts agree happens? With us, choose not to overspend. See your data, make changes, and profit.


Track Your Campaigns

There isn’t a one and done. Segment your products by type, ageing, profit margin, competition. Track which campaigns work best for your products and adjust with results.

Track Your Orders

Advertising isn’t a black box. You should be able to see exactly what your advertising spend makes for you. With us, it’s lightning fast. Just click and see.

Track Your Spend

You expect to spend more up front and then see your Average Cost of Sales (ACOS) go down over time.
Set a time to show you when your ACOS is above or below certain thresholds.

Coming Soon

We are working hard to bring a new, very useful tool (winter 2019) so that you can use positive and negative keywords, and let our system make the recommendations for you. Ask to sign up for the Beta program to be one of the first to try it out.

Inventory Item Management

Keep Your Amazon Data Fresh:
Have you ever had one of your listings data just, “disappear”? It’s awful. Someone stole the information that you need to sell your item. But how do you fix it, and how do you load it into Amazon in an easy to use interface. Of course, we have the solution.

Validate in Amazon Data First

Open your listing and bring in what Amazon Detail Page has for the item.
Search similar ASIN’s to see if there is information you can use in your listing.

Input Your Product Information

Have your own information to build your listing. Based upon category/subcategories.

Save it to your Wise Web Seller account

Use data from your account for other marketplaces when you list. All our data is exportable.

Upload it to Amazon

Upload 1 or hundreds of items at a time to Amazon through our system. Track the uploads, review the upload history and more.


Track the Changes

Verify the changes have been made on Amazon, usually within a day or two.

Watch Your Sales Rank Go Up

It’s funny that if people can find your item, they are more likely to buy it. Funny thing. Now you can control your items destiny.

Shape the future of your business with great tools that will help you grow.

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