About Us

We are just like many sellers online. We started with just a few products and kept on adding. Along the way we learned through the very painful, “College of Hard Knocks”. Very painful.  (We still have some initial inventory if you’re looking for a deal…)  Fortunately, we learned our lessons and became smarter sellers.

After years of trudging along, we realized that we didn’t know what we didn’t know. We tried to sell items that we thought would sell well. We would look them up one by one and then chose which items to sell. This was very time consuming, and ate into our ability to list, sell and fulfill our products.

We tried some various tools out there, but each one had its drawbacks – too expensive, too difficult to use, and didn’t help us earn more money. We needed something that wouldn’t break the bank, and that would help us quickly identify products that would be profitable for us. Enter Wise Web Seller.

Wise Web Seller is an easy to use, intuitive, tool that will allow you to quickly scan tens of thousands of products and identify which ones show promise. We do this by allowing you to input: ASIN / SKU / UPC, Cost for the item, Shipping costs to and from you.   Of course, Product Research isn’t the only cool feature we’ve built. 

About Our Founder

Our founder is a simple, behind the scenes type of guy.  Big family, observant, always learning.  After a Finance degree, and over ten years later a Masters in Entrepreneurship (with a lot of finance).  Jonathan spent much of his professional life managing investments and finding patterns and ways to mitigate risk (covered call options anyone?).

Jonathan also worked for a very large entertainment company and worked with departments to help them analyze their data, before “big data” was a common term.  Sifting through millions of transactions and setting up systems to interpret and predict the data, Jonathan learned how valuable knowing “how to interpret data” was. 

Important Note:  ***Data is useless if you don’t know how to interpret it.

Most departments didn’t know what they didn’t know.  One very large department, tasked with contracts for goods, didn’t know that 94%+ of their contracts for goods weren’t covered by contract pricing (oops), and the vendors took advantage of this.  Not for long….  Jonathan loves a challenge, and if you have a unique situation, he’d love to help.  Just drop a line and request a call.

Shape the future of your business with great tools that will help you grow.

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